Administrator of IBM Application System/400 (IBM AS400)

We are looking for a new colleague for our Storage project team with a specialty in IBM Application System/400 (AS400).
The position is carried out in the area of a German and English speaking environment, with few other nationalities, so any other fluent language (i.e. French, Luxembourgish, etc.) is an advantage.

The project includes the following key areas of responsibility

  • Work on all aspects of IBM Application System/400 (AS400) systems (Administration, Operation, Backup and Recovery strategy);
  • Maintaining best practices in terms of IBM AS400 operation (maintain hardware and software operation, with IBM Support);
  • Support the internal IT team and related application/development/business stakeholders, connected and related to AS400;
  • Create, rework and update the internal documentation of the infrastructure stack, especially related to AS400.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Related Experience

  • Excellent knowledge of AS400 systems, including practically applied knowledge to maintain Administration, Operation, Backup and Recovery;
  • Have a keen understanding of the security implications of AS400 related sub-systems, including but not limited to connected applications installed locally or remotely (VPN);
  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills, to maintain a productive working relationship to the application/development/business stakeholders;
  • Must be able to work as part of a team to maintain a productive working relationship to the application/development/business stakeholders;
  • Must be able to work independently and complete assigned projects with little to no supervision.

Beneficial Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Related Experience

  • Manage and administer user access to application systems related to privileged users and or specific access rights;
  • Install, configure and maintain application services related to the financial/banking sector;
  • Provide application and service support to developers and internal/external departments (in English);
  • Work with development departments and application operating teams to optimize backend connectivity, network and security subsystems.

The work is carried out in the office (remote work is possibly up to 40% / 2 days per week). Language requirements: English and German - another language would be an advantage.
We are looking for long-term employees in this area that also are able to work independently with good communication skills and provide an equally long-term and trusting project environment and company philosophy. 

To apply please follow the link